Why Choose The Dog Wizard Franchise?

Extensive Training Program

Our extensive hands-on and online training program will allow your dog training confidence to soar. You will work with numerous breeds, problems, and clients. You will get to practice everything you will do in your own business and get really good at it!

Continued Support

Once training completes, we don’t send you off and hope for the best. Our support after training is a huge piece of the formula. And not just dog advice, but also the business support we provide. Wait until you hear all we provide once your business opens!

21 (and counting) Happy Franchisees

We have amazing franchisees! Feel free to reach out to any and all and ask about their life before and after becoming a Dog Wizard. Some had never trained a dog prior to coming to training, and others had been dog trainer previously – all have great insight!

About The Dog Wizard Franchise Ownership Training

The Dog Wizard Franchise has made it as easy as possible to obtain your dog training certification and excel as a dog trainer and business owner with our academy training program. Of course, being dog-passionate and hard work are a must, but everything else, we will provide or teach you through classes at our dog training schools.

Ironically, we are not the biggest fans of franchises in general because they can seem too big and uninviting. But there is a reason why so many franchises succeed; they have proven systems that work. We believe that we have created the perfect combination that gives you all of the advantages of being part of a franchise, but still allows you to operate like a local small business. Owning a franchise through The Dog Wizard Franchise Academy is a smart move when you are a hardworking dog-person! So, the grass is actually greener on both sides of the fence for Dog Wizards!

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WHO makes a Great Dog Wizard Franchise Owner?

Dog Lover

You must have a special connection with dogs that the average Joe does not, since you will be around dogs almost 24/7. The thought of being around dogs 24/7 must excite you, and the pay is just a bonus.

Hard Worker

You must take pride in what you do regardless if it is shelter dog or a full paying customer. You are the type to work late and get up early to make sure you are delivering what you promised.


Being your own boss requires you to go above and beyond when no one is looking. Even when you don’t feel good or life throws you a curve ball, self-disciple and doing the right thing must prevail.


This is a must. Honesty means being honest with yourself, your clients and the dogs. Anything else is unacceptable. Mistakes happen on occasion, and honesty will resolve them.

Problem Solver

Anyone can identify a problem, but can you solve the problem? Dog training requires a lot of problem solving with dogs and owners. This could be anything from digging or getting the owner to follow your advice.

Positive Thinker

Dwelling on negativity will only make your problems worst. Focusing on the positives is very important when working with dogs. You must be able to see the progress and focus on what is working. Trust us!

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The BOOMING Pet Industry


Billion spent


Million Pet Dogs


Owns 3 + Dogs


Own at least 1 dog

Franchisees in the News

  • Cranston Blanks: Wilmington Dog Wizard

    Cranston started out at the Columbia Dog Wizard where this news piece was shot.  WISTV Channel 10 in Columbia asked him to do a piece on dog training and how to achieve calmness in your house with dogs and get attention for the right things.

  • Justin Hall: Atlanta Dog Wizard

    Justin was invited onto WGCL in Atlanta to help promote Dog Daze at Diesel Filling Station.  He helps out a great cause while getting to promote his business.  Randy is quite the demonstrator on the spot in a crowded new station.

  • Emily Nolan and Corey Richardson: Charlotte Dog Wizard

    Emily and Corey were invited on to Good Day Carolinas in Charlotte to discuss how to train a deaf dog.  Emily and Corey demonstrated right in the news station studio how Mayhem could follow commands even through she can not hear.

Our Team

Latest Franchisees to Open

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  • Tyler Pagnoni

    His whole life he was surrounded by many dogs and was taught how to act and...

  • Doug Woods

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  • Jessica Howell

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