What You Should do Prior to Owning a Franchise

As with anything in life, there are steps that need to be taken prior to settling on a franchise. If you do not head to the store without first making a list or thinking about which items you need, you should not sign any franchise agreement without careful consideration. Owning a franchise is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Any business ownership is a commitment that can change your life significantly. The Dog Wizard Academy understands that some people can rush into a decision before they have taken the proper steps.

Owning a dog training business will keep you in constant contact with canines and their human owners. There may also be travel, outdoor work, and continued education that is necessary for a trainer. While dog trainers can make their own schedules they must still work hard to keep their business thriving. Does this sound like a job that will interest you? Here are some steps that should be taken before signing on with The Dog Wizard Academy:

  • Have you taken a look at other dog training franchises?
  • Contact a few of the franchisees from each potential franchise to find out about financials and state of their franchise locations.
  • Have you compiled a list of questions to ask The Dog Wizard Academy?
  • Have you done the proper research about the franchise and it’s business model?
  • The rules and regulations that have been laid out by the corporate office, can you abide by these rules?
  • Have you taken a good, hard look at the Federal Disclosure Document?
  • Have you decided upon your budget and have you decided whether or not you can pay the initial start-up fees and the monthly fees?

There are thousands of things that you can do before you sign up to own a franchise location. A dog training franchise is not for everyone, but when you have motivation, work ethic, a love for dogs, a passion for training, and a desire to take control of your life, it is time to call The Dog Wizard Academy!

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