Puppies and Breakfast?

At The Dog Wizard, we like to say puppy class is a lot like breakfast: the most important meal of the day. A healthy and balanced breakfast fuels the rest of your day and influences your ability to perform physically and mentally appropriately. Comparably, starting a puppy off right at the beginning of life is like giving your puppy the roadmap to success with the fastest route already highlighted. By taking this route, you can prevent so many behavioral problems that we see in older dogs like separation anxiety, fear aggression, and hyper out of control behavior to name a few.

Puppies are like breakfast, they need a healthy balance beginning to influence behavior.

Pay attention because when we use the term “older”; we are talking about as old as a one year old dog. Bad habits do form quickly. As mentioned above, separation anxiety is a big one we see in older dogs that owners have a hard time living with daily. Some owners even face eviction if the issue is severe enough to cause havoc on their neighbors. Unfortunately, many new puppy owners do not see the significance of teaching their puppy how to be feel secure alone. Funny enough (or not really funny enough) more often than not, owners inadvertently teach their puppy the opposite. Puppies are not born with separation anxiety, this is something they are taught or I guess you could say “not taught” - whichever way you look at it.

Separation anxiety is just one possible outcome if your puppy is not started off on the right path. We work with so many owners that wish they could go back to puppy stage and start all over. As the saying goes 20/20 vision is much easier in hindsight, so let us be your hindsight. Do not gamble on these potential disastrous outcomes. Below is a list of possible outcomes if not taught or instilled in your pup early on. We are certainly not guaranteeing these outcomes if not taught, but the gamble is not worth the risk. Basically, in our humble dog training opinion we are saying it’s an awful lot easier to just eat breakfast .

Possible Pet Behavior from Lack of Dog Training:

  • No Basic Structure=A dog that is out of control
  • No Confidence Building=A dog that can’t be left alone
  • No Positive Crate Training=A dog that jumps on your guests
  • No Behavioral Shaping=A dog that chews your things
  • No Behavioral Shaping=A dog that barks for no reason
  • No Housebreaking=A dog that urinates all over your house
  • No Housebreaking=A dog that poops all over your house
  • No Health and Safety=A dog that is overweight
  • No Health and Safety=A dog that eats something poisonous
  • No Socialization with Dogs=A dog that is aggressive toward dogs

All of The Dog Wizard Franchise owners are provided with a successful training program from the very beginning to work directly with these common behavior issues. This will enable you to confidently work through problems you encounter with different dog breeds of all ages. If you are good with animals and are wondering how to become a professional dog trainer, ask us.

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