Hands on Training Time and On-line Training Time

We do not just talk about dogs and their behavioral problems. Becoming a dog trainer means that you will have to see first hand, and work directly with dogs that are experiencing these problems. We feel that hands on training is important to become a dog trainer that operates confidently, independently, and reliably. But first you will complete our extensive on-line training which you can do at your own pace.

Working with Actual Clients

We truly believe that training and teaching dogs is the easiest part of the job. The difficulties lie in teaching the owners how to handle their dogs. Since the training programs are only successful if it works for the owner too, possessing this ability is vital. We spend a lot of time making sure you have the skills necessary to help the owners as well as the dogs.

Practice Marketing Strategies

You will get to practice proven marketing strategies while in training. We want you to experience it personally, so that you see first hand the results of the tactics. This will get you SO excited to start using them on your business.

Preparing your Business

As soon as you buy a franchise location, The Dog Wizard Franchise begins building your website and marketing your business. We set up your business #, assist with ordering all of your marketing material, and much more. All this is done so that you can hit the ground running!

Hands On Training Overview


The best part of being a dog trainer is giving a family control of their dog. And the even better part is the dog gets to live a much happier life with more freedom.


Aggression is commonly misunderstood the dog training industry, so knowing the real root and how to work through it is key in being a successful dog trainer.

Puppy Class

A puppy is what we consider a clean slate. We help owners start their pups off right with important details and techniques; so many of the behavioral problems never form.

Separation Anxiety

When a dog cannot be left alone, it puts a major strain on the owners, as they can become a prisoner to their dog. Fixing this can change lives in ways you cannot imagine.

Rescue Dogs

Unfortunately, mental and physical abuse is common in rescue dogs.
Helping these dogs and their new family work through it and build a new life is so rewarding.

Fun Classes

Many dog owners want to do as much with their dog as they possibly can. So we give them what they want! Tricks, Scent, On the Go, Baby Prep, Therapy Prep, and more.