Paul Arthurs

Paul ArthursPaul Arthurs

As with most of the Dog Wizard family, Paul's love and affection for dogs and his relationship with our furry friends has been lifelong. Originally born in Durham, England Paul moved to Atlanta with his family in his early childhood and considers it his hometown. After attending the University of Georgia and building a career in the hospitality industry he would eventually seek a path that he could truly be passionate about traveling. Once that decision was made his affinity for all things canine drove him to take the leap into the world of dog training, leading him to the Dog Wizard Academy. Here he developed his existing understanding of canine behavior and added some of the most complete and innovative training skills available. In the ever evolving world of dog training Paul hopes to continues to grow and understand the fascinating nature of our faithful companions, helping them and their owners alike enjoy a more rewarding relationship. He currently shares his home with two four legged assistants, Dooley who is an always vigorous Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, and a spunky Yorkshire Terrier named Quinn.

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