Greg Bloomfield

Greg is originally from Michigan, growing up in a small town just outside of Flint. Attending Central Michigan University after finishing high school, he majored in Psychology with a concentration in Marketing and Advertising. Upon receiving his Bachelor's he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina with plans of pursuing a career in Advertising which is where he truly fell in love with dogs.

Growing up with Shelties, he began spending more time with the countless other breeds and mixes while working at a dog daycare which increased his love and appreciation for all the different sizes and personalities. Eventually he looked into dog training, leading him to the Dog Wizard and eventually to Louisville.

One of the main driving forces behind his desire to help dogs is one of his own, Calvin, who is a big, lovable Doberman who has been by his side since his time in Charlotte. Calvin grew up going to work with Greg at the dog daycare and is a critical piece to helping adequately assess and rehabilitate the dogs we work with. Next, he has a chihuahua mix named Stevie who is the wild child in the mix making sure everyone is on their toes and paying attention to him. Greg is a huge sports fan, so much so that both dogs are named after prominent sports figures from his favorite teams - Calvin Johnson Jr. of the Detroit Lions and Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings.

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