Erik Seizmore


Erik was raised in Cincinnati since he was a young child and has a love and passion for his hometown.  He graduated from Oak Hills High School and then from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Criminal Justice. From childhood he has always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives so he decided to be a Police Officer after college. During his tenure as a Police Officer, he constantly gravitated to the police canine operations. After years of dreaming about working with dogs everyday, he decided to jump in with two feet and hasn’t looked back!

Erik has been told his whole life by friends and family that he has a special connection with dogs.  Erik has always had a family dog in the house since he was a child and cherishes the bond he has had with all of them.  His first dog was Stridor, a mixed-breed that became his best friend.  He loves dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments!

While Erik had experienced many successes in the law enforcement world with bettering the lives in his community, he proudly states that he has never had a deeper level of job satisfaction than he does today.  ”To see a family in such turmoil because their dog has behavioral issues is very sad to see… but there is nothing more rewarding for me than when I return a dog back to a client and see the look on their faces when they realize how much their dog has transformed and immediately see their life and the dog’s life can finally be happy and balanced…it is truly why I do what I do!”  Erik’s past experience as an instructor in many law enforcement fields enable him to communicate effectively and efficiently to dog owners so that this new language is clear and the process fluid.  “It is really a process of teaching a dog a new language and then teaching the dog’s owners that same language that enables our long term success”

Erik has a great sidekick, Abbie, who he rescued from the Humane Society of York County (South Carolina).  Abbie is a pit-mix and had serious fear / trust issues when she was first rescued, but now she is living the good life in The Cincinnati Dog Wizard world today and aides Erik with his day-to-day operations.

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