The Dog Wizard Franchise Academy Advantages

The Dog Wizard Franchise Awarded by Entrepreneur Magazine a Top 100 Franchise


Length of School

Part of owning a franchise is understanding how to properly operate your new business. The training program at the Academy begins with extensive online training which can be done at your own pace. Once you have mastered this there will be a 3 week in person training period. We are positive that this additional time is crucial in your immediate and long-term success as a professional dog trainer. The extra experience you will get by having access to hundreds of dogs to practice and learn by is priceless. Your dog training confidence will very apparent at the end which makes us very happy. We are sincere when we feel as though we are one of the best franchise opportunities for animal lovers.

Hands on Style of Teaching

Actually being able to put your hands on and see first hand different breeds and issues is a million more times valuable than reading or watching on a video. In addition, working face to face with real clients is important. Teaching dogs is the easy part. The hard part is teaching the owners. Since the training programs are only successful if it works for the owner too, possessing this ability is vital so we spend a lot of time making sure you have it.

List of Menu Items

You will learn to teach many different classes such as scent class, baby prep, grooming socialization, etc. These additional classes will allow you to offer a full list of menu items, which will in return, provide several additional revenue streams other than just obedience. Not only does this offer more revenue streams to your clients, but the level of expertise you present to your potential clients is much more appealing from the start.

Proven System

Before you buy a franchise, take a look at the fact that we have a system that has proven itself for over 7 years now. We have proven this system over time, in different geographical areas, different economic times, different graduates, different ages and with males and females. Therefore, you can walk out of graduation KNOWING you have all the tools and without having to make the numerous mistakes a lot of new dog trainers will make.

Operations in Place

Everything we provide once you become a Dog Wizard allows you to start training dogs the day you leave. You will have a website, office assistant, brochures, flyers, training documents, marketing plan, and a world of knowledge the exact day you graduate.

Continued Support

Once you graduate and become a Dog Wizard, you will have the best of both worlds. You will have the ability to control your own destiny, but with the support, guidance, and resources of a bigger company. We have taken the advantages of being a small business owner and combined them the advantages of being part of a bigger company. It works like a dream!