Portfolio 2

  • Erik Seizmore

    Erik Seizmore

    Erik has been told his whole life by friends and family that he has a special connection with dogs.

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  • Patrick Shackleford

    Patrick Shackleford

    Patrick Shackleford After years of trying to figure out how to work with dogs everyday

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  • Don Murray

    Don Murray

    Don spent a combined total of 32 years in Alaska before moving to Florida (it’s just around the corner) to…

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  • Tyler Pagnoni

    Tyler Pagnoni

    His whole life he was surrounded by many dogs and was taught how to act and

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  • Doug Woods

    Doug Woods

    Doug Woods is a graduate of the Dog Wizard Training Academy and a professional member of The International Association of…

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  • Jessica Howell

    Jessica Howell

    A North Carolina native from the Appalachian Mountains, Jess has always had a passion for

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