Our Advantage


As you may have read in our philosophy section, our goal at the Dog Wizard Academy is to teach aspiring dog trainers how to transform dogs’ lives for the better, allowing you to do what you love without sacrificing your career, income, freedom, or happiness.  In other words, the Academy will give you every tool you need to operate a professional dog training business for a long time to come.

There are many ways to become a “dog trainer”: online classes, 4 week schools, 6 week schools, and internships.  We believe we provide 6 big advantages that make us different and are essential to your success.


The Dog Wizard Academy Advantages:

  1. Length of School
    • The Academy is a combination of extensive on-line and hands on training.  We are positive that the hands on time is crucial in your immediate and long-term success as a dog training professional.  The extra hands on experience you will get, having access to real dogs to practice and learn by, is priceless.  And your confidence will shine at the end.
  2. Hands on Style of Teaching
    • Learning to train dogs by using a hands on approach, we feel is essential in your ability to truly understand and apply these concepts when you are on your own.  By the time you graduate, you will have worked with 40-60 different dogs, which will be HUGE for your confidence and being absolutely certain you know how to solve the problems of your future dog training clients.
  3. List of Menu Items
    • You will learn to teach many different classes such as scent class, baby prep, grooming socialization, etc.  These additional classes will allow you to offer a full list of menu items, which will in return, provide several additional revenue streams other than just obedience. Not only does this offer more revenue streams to your clients, but the level of expertise you present to your potential clients is much more appealing from the start.
  4. Proven System 
    • We have a system that has proven itself for over 7 years now.  We have proven this system over time, in different geographical areas, different economic times, different graduates, different ages and with males and females.  Therefore, you can walk out of graduation KNOWING you have all the tools and without having to make the numerous mistakes a lot of new graduates will make.
  5. Operations in Place
    • Everything we provide once you become a Dog Wizard allows you to start training dogs the day you leave.  You will have a website, office assistant, brochures, flyers, training documents, marketing plan, and a world of knowledge the exact day you graduate.
  6. Continued Support
    • Once you graduate and become a Dog Wizard, you will have the best of both worlds.  You will have the ability to control your own destiny, but with the support, guidance, and resources of a bigger company.  We have taken the advantages of being a small business owner and combined them the advantages of being part of a bigger company.  It works like a dream!