"Deciding to go to the Dog Wizard Academy was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made. During my 4 months in Charlotte, training, I found it to be extremely challenging, yet every day I wanted more because I was able to see the results with both dogs and their owners. The Charlotte staff is extremely knowledgeable and made sure they taught me everything I needed to know when I went out on my own.

I've now been running the Louisville Dog Wizard successfully for 8 months and it's been rewarding personally, emotionally, and financially. There's no better feeling for me than getting to help dogs have better relationships with their families. I feel like I'm truly making a difference in people's lives for the first time in my life... And that is making my life a lot more enjoyable too.

I would highly recommend that anyone looking to go into dog training as a career, to do it with The Dog Wizard family."

Patrick Messenger
Louisville Dog Wizard

Patrick Messenger, Louisville Dog Wizard

After graduating from The University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in biology, I knew I wanted a career that involved animals. Growing up I always had a passion for animals, specifically canines, and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. During my college career, I worked at many doggy daycares and veterinarian hospitals, which helped me discover my passion was more in dog behavior than the science of dog medicine. That is when I started researching dog training academies. My parents had their little dog trained by The Dog Wizard, and upon my research, I found out they had an academy where they train students how to train dogs, and then help them open up their own franchise location. A couple months later, I became a student of the Dog Wizard Academy, where I started my journey on becoming a professional dog trainer.
Going through the academy was the best decision of my life. I was extremely nervous about opening and running a successful business, but with the help, guidance, and knowledge that I gained at the academy, my confidence increased while my fears decreased. Throughout the four months, I trained about 30 dogs. I got the hands on experience of training dog-aggressive dogs, people-aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, and the wild, happy-go-lucky dogs. We trained every single day. We walked miles and miles in the heat. We had multiple training dogs at one time. It was not easy, but it was totally worth it. It prepared me for when I went out on my own! Not only did I learn how to train dogs, but I also learned how to talk to the clients, and how to run a business. The staff was always willing to lend a hand and happy to help walk us through any questions we had. I left the academy with no doubt in my mind, that I could run a successful dog training business.
In October 2013, I opened The Wilmington Dog Wizard, and have helped change the lives of many dogs and their owners. Im only 25 years old, and I’m running a very successful dog training business thanks to The Dog Wizard Academy. Without their knowledge, guidance, skills, and continuos help, I would not be where I am today. Since then, I have never looked back. My business continues to grow, and I can’t imagine having any other career.
Shelby Vadnais
Wilmington Dog Wizard

Shelby Vadnais, Charlotte Dog Wizard

“My time at the Dog Wizard Academy was fantastic. It is a fast paced, friendly and exciting learning environment. I came out of the training with an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding about dog training, dog behavior and communicating effectively with dog owners. I am certain that my knowledge and skills developed in my 6 months at the Dog Wizard Academy helped me rise above the competition here in Atlanta and become very successful in just a few months. “

Justin Hall, Atlanta Dog Wizard

"The Dog Wizard Academy in Charlotte has given me the knowledge and opportunity to create a wonderful dog training business of my own here in the Raleigh-Durham area. The work is both personally and financially rewarding, and I now have the flexibility to set my schedule to suit the needs in other areas of my life. Thanks to The Dog Wizard for making this possible."

Robert Bradshaw, Durham Dog Wizard